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Dear Student,


       I on behalf of Deepak Computer Academy (DCA) extend a heartly welcome to you for joining this institute to take up new challenges. I assure you that all efforts will be made during your tenure in this institute to make your learning process fruitful. Our faculty members are working in right earnest to impart best quality education with an objective to transform you to a skillful, qualified graduate and a leader of the future. As you are aware, due to globalization, many avenues have opened up and to meet the changed scenarios, you have to be familiar with new emerging systems and to develop expertise over Computer Science within a span of learning.

The process of fast growth is on and our country can’t isolate herself from the rest of the world where the changes are taking at a fast rate. So, for a bright, young and agile student like you, THE SEA IS THE LIMIT and you need not to look back. Our entire teaching method is based on the orientation, keeping in view of the above realities and is at par with the guidelines set by the Universities and Departments, Govt. of India , being the nodal authority. Thus our education system provides every possible support for benefit of the students. But I have for you a few more words to focus on. Be at the Institute or at your Homes or even in your social life, maintenance of decorum, civil norms and discipline are also subjects to be followed by each student in day-to-day life. As a student you must appreciate that discipline is the core value of any progress. If you are interested in yakın doğu üniversitesi you need to see this neu.edu.tr .

          I am confident and hopeful that as a student of DCA, you will always uphold the dignity and maintain the sanctity of a learning environment. Hope you would find the life at DCA enjoyable and adoptable.

             With all of my best wishes.

Deepak Dosodia

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Our Staff

Deepak Dosodia, B.C.A.

Master of Hardware & Networking joined the Learning Center in May of 2012.He brings specialized experience in hardware & Networking Learn more

Mr. Kishore Yadav, M.Com., M.C.A

 joined the Learning Center in May of 2012.He brings specialized experience in Computer Basic Learn more

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All Learning Center teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for specific read more

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Mr. Paritosh Barman,M.Com

Specialization in Financial Accounting, Founder and Ex- Administrator of PACE,Learn more


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